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A season that surprises and delights

As the days get shorter, House Doctor looks ahead to autumn and winter. This time of year calls for reflection. To rethink and gain a new perspective. The small details in this collection catch you by surprise. They awaken your curiosity and entice you to take a closer look at surfaces, textures and finishes.

Handmade ornaments and unexpected materials such as metals, velvet and wool add a wonderfully tactile twist to the Christmas décor.

This season, you can explore metals, ceramics, glass and soft textiles in a collection made to be personalised by you. 

Eclectic elegance

House Doctor is well considered and just enough. Styles and expressions might diverge at first sight. But they come together in an elegant and balanced look. 

The ability to mix and match makes it a strong collection. It is never just minimalist, industrial or retro. It is the right amount of everything. We call it eclectic elegance.

Restrained bohemian

With a collection so all-encompassing, balance is key.

Mixing and matching is about carefully considering the strength of each piece and what it brings to the overall décor. 

Restrained bohemian is how we see the collection as a whole. The pieces may represent opposing styles, but the textures, materials, colours and finishes unite them in a perfectly balanced look.